Our Story

"We are women of Impact, depth and substance."
- Shelby Williams

The foundation of the company, “Jhgowns'' was launched in 2014 by the owner and designer, Johanna Hannaford. Following that was the release of “P31 clothing” in 2018. P31 clothing is a clothing line that was built to empower and encourage women with the mindset that they are perfectly made with a purpose lacking nothing. P31 was made with the set intention to smash body labels and stereotypes. Our company strives to make you feel good in what you wear. We offer custom fit, hand-made, authentic clothing, custom fit exactly for your body type. The purpose for launching P31 was to make women feel confident and comfortable in the clothing that they put on their bodies. The designer, Johanna, really struggled with finding clothing that perfectly fit her and she was always left unsatisfied with every purchase. She just wanted clothes that fit and clothes that fit good. No one said that luxury can’t be made available for every body shape and size and yet that is the stereotype of today's society. Johanna built a legacy of empowerment and elegance with every stitch and seam. Our hope is that you too feel unstoppable in the clothes that you wear. Empowered women empower women. It’s more than clothing, it’s a legacy.