Rental Agreement & Garment Care

Sometimes you just want a stunning, photoshoot-ready dress without paying hundreds of dollars. That's where JH Gowns steps in! Any JH Gowns dress can be rented for $60+shipping for three business days.

(Shipping times are waived.) 

How do I return my dress? 

A return address package is included to return ship your dress. Just toss it in the package on business day 4 and drop it off at the mailbox - we'll take care of washing it when it returns.

I'm local. Can I pick up my dress in person? 

You bet! If you are local, you may come pick up your dress at our studio in person and waive shipping costs. Simply show one of our associates your order confirmation and a piece of ID and you're golden!


What if I want to rent the dress longer than 3 days?

The standard rental time is $60 for 3 business days. Each day late will incur a late fee of $9/day, surcharged to the card on file. (So, hypothetically, if you need the dress for 4 days, your total would be $60+9 for a total of $69.) Please note: we give a one-week allowance for shipping within Canada (based on Canada Post's estimates).

To give an example:

Let's say your dress arrives Tuesday, August 4th. The rental period would be the 4th, 5th, and 6th. It should be mailed out by Friday, August 7th. It should be received by August 14th. If not received by August 14th, on August 15th late fees would begin.

Or another example: 

Let's say your dress arrives Friday, December 4th. Saturday and Sunday aren't business days, so your rental would be from Friday December 4th - Tuesday, December 8th. It should be mailed back by Wednesday, December 9th and received by Wednesday the 16th. Late fees wouldn't begin until Thursday, December 17th. 

So... I lost the dress. Or I fell in love with it and never want to return it again; it is now mine foreverrrr.

Listen, we get it: these dresses are pretty great, and we love them too. That said, we do need them back! If it's not returned, we have to recoup the cost of replacing it. Therefore, we did have to create a contingency plan. (We hope that everyone who rents our dresses are great, responsible people who wouldn't run off with our gowns - so this probably won't apply to you!) All that to say, here's our policy:

  • If the dress has not been returned after 30 business days, we will consider the dress purchased instead of rented. The standard price to purchase one of our gowns is $300. (This price may seem steep, but keep in mind this includes ethically-sourced material for those gorgeously-long trains and quality labour to employ the Canadian seamstresses that sew them.)
  • We will charge the remaining difference to $300 to the card on file. The remaining difference is $300 minus the original $60 and any late fees that may have incurred. At this point, the dress is now entirely yours to keep.
  • Once the dress have been paid in full, it is not refundable. We know; that really sucks. We don't love it either, but we already had to pay the costs to replace the dress. 

Please avoid this whole scenario by returning the dress promptly! :)