Ambassador Program

JH Gowns & P31

Acts 1:7-8
"God calls us to go out and be ambassadors unto the uttermost part of the earth"

●  ABOUT US  ● 
Jhgowns an P31 is a local luxury clothing company that is hand-made with a purpose to uplift, uphold, anoint, and set apart. Our active pursuit is to make one of a kind, custom, clothing  that fits all body types for every type of woman. Empowered women empower women.


we are looking for strong, confident, uplifting women who speak words of kindness and positivity, whilst spreading body positivity. We want women who have a firm passion to spread impact in their communities. This is for women of all types, and all walks of life. 



  What you do?
After you are accepted, you will be expected to sign a 6 month contract ensuring your commitment and dedication towards the company. Once you sign the contract, you will be invited to an orientation/ welcoming party at the beginning of your term where you will be introduced to fellow women ambassadors who share your similar goals and beliefs. Your job will be to post once a week about the P31 company on your own personal social media account as well as spreading kindness and positivity through commenting, sharing, and archiving on the @P31clothing social media accounts. 

  What you get?

Accepting to join our ambassador program comes with many perks!

You will get the amazing opportunity to come to weekly meetings with our team here at Jhgowns. It is not mandatory that you attend these but all the ambassadors are more than welcome. At these meetings you will get the chance to share your two cents and give us feedback and ideas for upcoming fashion shows, events, charity donations, community involvement, new collections, photo shoots, etc. We want your voice, we want your ideas. You have the chance to share your passions and your views on certain issues. There is safety in numbers and through community we want to make a real difference in the world. You will also get to participate in one photo shoot with our professional photographer where you will get to choose an outfit from one of our new collections. You will receive a swag bag filled with a P31 t-shirt custom fit for your body type as well as jewellery from one of our many local partnerships that are owned and ran by strong, independent women. If you complete the expectations laid out for you and actively participate in the ambassadorship we will take you on a retreat for 2-3 days at the end of your term. The retreat is subject to change based upon C-19 restrictions. 

What we do? 

we are here to uplift you and include you in the world of fashion. We want to create a safe space where you can feel free to share your story and be who God made you to be. We are here to support you through prayer and worship. We will have once a month coffee dates as well as evening filled with snacks and bonding. through this we hope to create a space where we can get together to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. Through fellowship and a strong anointed group of women, our goal is to help you grow in your personal life as well as with the company. We want to know your goals and how we as a company and fellow women can support you in your walk of life. Our goal is to make a space where freedom and peace is welcome for all types of women. We want to show Gods love form a local perspective with a global vision.



our vision at Jhgowns & P31 is to be a light in the darkness, we want to create a space where women from every walk of life can feel welcome. We want to put a stop to body shaming and show women that God made them perfect, without fault, beautiful in his image. We want to obliterate body stereotyping so that women can feel confident and empowered. Size is just a number, it is not a label, and we as women are worth so much more than a number.  we aren't just a clothing brand, we are a legacy and we want to leave our mark and make impact on the world we live in.





In the P31 store, we partner with many handmade locally owned businesses operated by strong women. These include; Parterre Luxury Purses, knotty by Natur, Muddy by Natur, Three wild, as well as Redeemed with Purpose  where 50% of their proceeds go to human trafficking victims.

Our company wants to get to a place where we have our own non-profit organizations that we are supporting but we want your help. God has blessed us therefor we want to flow out of abundance and bless others.



You will have this amazing opportunity to apply via application on our website, we accept applications year-round by filling and submitting the form below.

Our team will review and process all applications bi-annually, one month prior to our launch day, approved applicants will be announced via email or text message 2 weeks prior to launch day .
The program will run in 6 month intervals from February-July and August-January.